A High-Octane Family Tradition

As family heirlooms go, most pale in comparison to the one you see here. Jim’s 1964 Corvette Coupe was originally his grandmothers, driven brand new off the lot for $4,900 after a $500 trade in in 1964. A high school English teacher, it was her daily driver until 1971. 

Jim’s parents bought the car from her in ’71 where they drove it daily until around 2000. Six years later, it descended the family tree one last time to Jim. It’s rare that a vehicle allows so many different generations to create memories in the passenger seat, as well as behind the wheel. 

As their generations evolved, so did the car. The ’64 Coupe was originally a silver blue, transforming to a baby blue when his parents purchased it. Several years later it was made a dark teal green. And now, it has found its home sporting a turquoise metallic coat. 

But it’s not just the exterior that has undergone numerous transformations. Over the years, the suspension bushings have been redone, the carburetor has been worked on, and the original drum brakes have been kept intact. It still has it’s original ticker too: A small-block 327 cubic inch V8 engine. 

As the decades continue to peel away, one thing remains constant in Jim’s family. This 1964 Corvette has stood tall across multiple generations of owners. And it continues to function as a time capsule that hearkens back to days gone by, with plenty of space to store new memories yet to be made. 

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