How A Former Airplane Mechanic Takes Flight

Casey is a nondescript Vietnam veteran who served for 6 years as a Marine Corps Reserves aviation mechanic. His mechanical inclination was born of necessity. Initially driving a 1946 Ford at the ripe age of 16, Casey performed engine swaps and routine maintenance that led to a love of the mechanics of movement.

It’s a winding road that led to this:

A 1987 White Porsche Turbo.

It was bought at an auction in Anaheim. But when you buy at an auction, you don’t always know what you’re paying for. The timing was off, and the fuel distributor needed work, but mechanics versed in 80s German engineering are in relatively short supply. (Imagine that).

So, after months of searching, multiple consultations, and the problem was alleviated by tearing the engine apart and rebuilding it piece by piece.

As we all know, the best way to test it is at the track. Casey took a few high-octane laps at the Porsche Club of America in Alameda at a Naval air station event. Helmet on, throttle down, inviting the world to melt. It ran like a dream.

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