Vehicology: Studying What Moves Us

A lot of you are probably wondering, “Did you just make up a word?” Yes. Yes, we did. And the reason why, is that, when Le Pit Club started as a dream, there wasn’t a word to describe what we do. 

Telling people “We’re an inclusive vehicle club that appreciates a variety of cars. But it’s not just cars, it’s also boats. And also motorcycles. Yeah, and bicycles, too.” Is a mouthful. So we landed on a term that perfectly describes who we are, and what we do. 

We’re vehicologists at heart. 

Vehicology is the impassioned study of mechanical movement, in any form. It’s a deep appreciation for the art of the car, and the science that propels it. It’s appreciation that extends to any mode of transportation. 

So whether you’re an avante-garde modder or a classic restorer. A racer or a wrencher. Or a boater or a biker. There’s a place — and a term — for you. 

Come be a vehicologist, live the language, and maybe even expand our definition. 

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