Bay Area O2 Swap & Show

After a one-year hiatus, the 20th Bay Area O2 event had a palpable electricity in the air that only German engineering could create. Looking around over the generations of BMWs and owners swapping parts, you would hardly remember how hard parts are to come by these days.

Turns out the only thing that can neutralize a global supply chain shortage is a tight-knit community united by a common goal. 60’s, 70’s, and even some 80’s and 90’s builds stole the show.

But even non-BMW owners showed up to join the celebration. Alfa’s, Porsche’s and even the Herbie VW bug made appearances.

It was a fervent space teeming with the energy Le Pit Club mirrors in our own events.

Ultimately: The Bay Area O2 event was about the passion shared around what people can do behind the wheel, while educating those who were willing to learn in an inclusive space.

The classic cars stole the show. E10’s and E9’s shared their stories with a captive audience. Some showing their decades of use through a well-earned patina, and others displaying their timeless elegance, as if they had rolled off the showroom floor from a decade long past.

Appreciation is at the core of every event we attend and every event we host. This one is free to the public to walk around and marvel at the engineering. So, if you ever get a chance to be in the Bay Area in October, make sure you stop by and see the sea of 2002’s on display and soak in their amazing stories.

And if you’re hoping for events like this to pop up more than once per year, join the Le Pit Club community and expose yourself to a new type of vehicle club for only $50 a year.

Interested in joining a community of vehicologists like this? Visit our events page to see our upcoming schedule.

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