Chronicles of Chrome Part 1

To call Bruce Trenery, Frank Zucchi, and Terry Griffin automotive enthusiasts would be an understatement. Each one of these gentlemen has dedicated their lives in different ways to the automotive world – and each has remarkable stories to tell.

Bruce built Fantasy Junction after starting his career out on the racetrack. Now a family legacy business with his son Spencer, Fantasy Junction is a premiere broker of special interest cars for collectors and enthusiasts around the world. 

Frank, of Frank Zucchi Restoration, earned his automotive stripes as a young boy working in his father’s shop; he continues to drive forward the legacy of this family business restoring vintage, race and classic automobiles to their former glory. 

Terry Griffin is a former line mechanic who saw firsthand the lack of customer service traditional shops displayed. Through synchronous turns of events (tune in to hear more!), Terry became an in-demand F1 photographer, and went on to establish Griffin Motorwerke, a haven for gearheads seeking high-performance modifications. 

In this first episode of Chronicles of Chrome, you’ll be introduced to our three vehicologists and learn how their unique, deep-seated love for cars and motorsports shaped their lives and careers. 

In the early 50s, Northern California was a hotbed of racing culture dreamed up by a few burgeoning Bay Area vehicologists that helped cement the automobile as a cornerstone of American culture. These men saw it with their own eyes. 

But they weren’t spectators, they were participants. They joined in the fervor at Golden Gate Park, the Fremont Dragstrip and more. 

From those drag races to their mechanic shops, amateur racing to professional track time, this roundtable discussion and slideshow covers it all, sharing how the roots of racing run deep for these humble local legends.

Click below, sit back, and enjoy Chronicles of Chrome Part 1 of 2.

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