A Vehicologist Ahead of His Time

Of all the rare things you might see at any car club, probably the rarest would be a one-year old member. But there he was, Charlie, sitting at the Lafayette Cars and Coffee, 15 years before having a license.

Charlie was always destined to become a vehicologist. He didn’t have a choice.

Gas an oil runs in his veins. Both his father and grandmother are autophiles. They bring him along to every automotive event imaginable: Races, auto shows, cars and coffee, and more. While other kids might wake up on a Sunday wanting to go to the park, Charlie wakes up itching to see more cars. 

He has a keen eye for spotting Mustangs, Porsches, and Challengers while adding to his collective knowledge each week.

But it’s not just knowledge he’s collecting. Over the years, Charlie even amassed a toy car collection that would make any child envious. He has a blue off-road truck, Herbie the love bug, and more that he brings to events.

In time, we’re betting this burgeoning vehicologist will turn that collection to full size.

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