From “Other” to Extraordinary

Any seasoned car enthusiast knows that, even when you have a vehicle in mind, and even if you can find it, it’s rarely perfect. That’s the joy. Finding something unfinished and making it yours. It’s exactly what Paul did with his 1973 BMW 2002tii.
Paul was seeking an upgrade from the glorified go-kart he was driving: A Mazda Miata that was fun to zip around in, but less than practical as far as errands were concerned. He had his sights set on a 2002.
He found an owner in his BMW club who had purchased two 2002tii’s with the intention of restoring one. After a year of careful examination, that owner took his pick. Paul parted with $2,000 dollars and was left with the reject. What he calls “the other”. 
It wasn’t the first time the vehicle would be rejected. 
Paul tried to take his new project to the BMW track where the chief tech for the driving school barred him from driving it after a few outings. It was throwing oil. It was time for some upgrades. 
The 1973 BMW 2002tii you see before you is almost completely redone. Paul saved up money over time and had the following modifications:
  • A rebuilt engine (that has lasted over 25 years). 
  • A 5-speed transmission.
  • A coil-over suspension with upgraded brakes.
  • All-new interior with Recaro seats and Kooglewerks A/C console. 
  • Power steering from the Netherlands. 
  • Minilite wheels.
And the list goes on. The long fabled German engineering has had one Nordic update and quite a bit of American ingenuity applied to it to make Paul’s former reject into a melting pot of modifications that make it one of a kind. 
It’s the type of true ownership Le Pit Club celebrates. Like any vehicologist, Paul has his eyes set on a few different builds: An Audi TT, Jaguar Mark 2, a 57 Thunderbird, and more. We can’t wait to see what he’s rolling down the road in next. 

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