Orange You Smart

The true test for a real autophile is to see the potential in a car that’s easy to overlook. There is quite literally no easier car to overlook than a smart Car. But, on a trip to Paris, Roger was smitten. As the agile vehicles knifed through the narrow streets, he saw the potential in owning a compact car that could park practically anywhere.

Shortly after he returned from his European excursion, Roger purchased a smart Car of his own. He tested the vehicle on a loop he regularly drives in El Sobrante to assess the performance of any vehicle in his garage. It was bouncy and rough.

It would have been easy to ditch the car shortly after that ride, sunk cost and all. But that’s not what building is about. Roger set out to reform the rote engineering into something he was proud to drive.

He put new lowering springs in the back and started to see what everyone in Paris inherently understood. The nimble nature of the vehicle allowed him to glide through potholes like a tightrope specialist.

As a painter, Roger has an affinity for bold colors. So the smart Car got a burst of orange on the body and black wheels. Something he affectionately refers to as “The Little Pumpkin”.

With new drum brakes in the rear, hauling a modest 8.2 gallon tank (at 39 miles to those paltry gallons), Roger has nothing but the open road ahead. Like a modern day Cinderella headed to the ball, he and his “Little Pumpkin” hope to turn some heads and then drop some jaws.

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