Accidental Upgrade

For most people, car accidents are unimaginable catastrophes. For Sean, it was a new chance to grab his dream build. Years ago, while he was on vacation, Sean’s mother was driving his old Scion TC and was t-boned by another driver. Luckily, she was shaken, but unharmed. 

The TC, however, was totaled. 

Growing up with the Fast and the Furious movie franchise, Sean had always had an eye on a JDM import. Here was his chance. After browsing the used car selection at Walnut Creek Nissan, he stumbled across a 2011 370Z. A quick test drive later and he was ready to drive it off the lot for good. 

2011 Nissan 370Z

Sean was now the proud owner of a potential dream car. Now it was time to make it his. 

Over the past few years, Sean has worked with his father on some of the following mods:

  • An overhauled suspension with new springs, a new chassis, and a stabilizer. 
  • An aftermarket exhaust. 
  • Bigger disc brakes with new calipers. 
  • An oil cooler. 
  • A ceramic coat of paint (which looks brand new despite being 4 years old).

Sean has even bigger dreams for the future, hoping to put in a twin turbo that will crank the horsepower up to just over 400. With only 50,000 miles on it, there’s a lot of life left in this beautiful build. 

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