The Upside of Obsession

“Love isn’t supposed to look like the movies.” We’ve all heard that stock advice from guardians in our lives. But what if love does look like the movies? It just doesn’t follow the plot?

Susan and Joey drive a couple famous — and infamous — builds that have graced the screen in Steve McQueen’s 1968 thriller “Bullitt”. Susan’s, the Bullitt Mustang.  Joey’s, the Dodge Charger.

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Susan’s ’67 Bullitt 

Every vehicologist has a moment in their life when they realize they are no longer just a casual car enthusiast – they are a full-blown autophile. That moment usually comes about 5 years after obsession has taken hold, and in this vehicologist’s case, she’s hit the mark. 

While Susan owns a 2019 Bullitt Mustang, and a 65 ‘Coupe, her most notable purchase happened during the pandemic. It was in 2020 that Susan bought a ’67 Bullitt Mustang reminiscent of Steve McQueen’s legendary build. 

She had always been obsessed with fastbacks, and one night while scrolling through Facebook, serendipity took hold. One quick phone call and cash withdrawal later, and Susan was the proud owner of a “total wreck”. 

The work that’s been done presents a modern-day Ship of Theseus problem: Every inch of that car has been rebuilt. It’s a product of obsession. She had a 427 EFI Windsor dropped in with an impressive 552lb-ft of torque. The leather work of the interior was completely rebuilt. It’s a head-turning, heart-stopping classic look, with a whole new heart of gold.

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Joey’s ’69 Charger

Joey fell in love with cars in theater in 1969 watching Steve McQueen’s fabled film. While his friends were salivating over that iconic green Mustang, he was enthralled with the black Dodge Charger. 

So fervent was his dream that he went through miles of muscle: A ’63 Impala, Mustangs, you name it. It got to the point where he was flipping a few of them per week. Breaking them down. Rebuilding. Until he found his dream: A ’68 black Charger in dire need of every repair imaginable. 

As a contractor by trade, and a moonlighting mechanic, Joey began the painstaking process of rebuilding the once-proud build from scratch. Eventually, he restored it to its former glory. 

A Different Ending

While Steve McQueen famously chased hitmen through the streets of San Francisco, now Joey and Susan drive those same builds down those same streets with a wildly different outcome. Content to turn heads at car shows, the passion that they have put into their rides is a testament to their attention to detail. 

But moreover, it’s a reminder to the kid in all of us that if you grab an angle grinder and apply plenty of torque, your teenage dream car is never out of reach. 

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