Different vehicles. Same passion.

At Le Pit Club, we started an inclusive vehicle club founded on the belief that what makes us different is exactly what brings us together.

Our Story

One crisp, spring day we looked around at the meet we were at. Gazed over a sea of Mustangs and couldn’t help but wonder: Why do people pigeonhole themselves into one type of ride?

When it comes down to it, every car is a canvas. The choices you make on your vehicle reflect how you see yourself to the world. It’s performance art of the highest caliber.

But the thing that makes car culture great isn’t the car – it’s the culture. So we set out to make a new type of club, open to every person with a passion for vehicles, regardless of what they drive.

We’re building a community of people united in the love for vehicles. Coming together to appreciate our differences, so we can celebrate them. And then, maybe even share some stories about them.

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About the Founder

What started as an obsession with toy cars for our founder Simon later blossomed into a passion for all forms of transportation. After attending countless events with the same people having the same conversations, Simon desired something different.

He longed for a diversity that didn’t yet exist — across cars, drivers, and even vehicle categories. Coupled with an innovative storage solution that lowers the barrier to entry for young enthusiasts, Simon built Le Pit Club, to be the vibrant community he wished to see.

Experts in Vehicology

Le Pit Club was founded on the principle of vehicology. So what is it? It’s the study of the machines that move us. Equal parts art and science. Learn more about vehicology at  The Inside Track.

Our Values

Our values are more than just words on a webpage; they drive the actions we take to make this community everything we dream it can be.


Everything starts and stops with the people we’re surrounded by.


We believe enthusiasm compounds. Sharing passion is what drives us.


Everyone has a place here. Even those who need some help getting started.

Pit Crew

Taj Turner

Owner, Clear Auto Spa

Walnut Creek, CA
Paint correction, ceramic coating, interior details.

Lee Keiper

Photographer and Vehicologist

Sonoma, CA
Capturing the moments, music, and machines that move us.

Frank Zucchi Restoration


Oakdale, CA
Customized restoration of exotic and vintage automobiles.

Toby Page

Digital Content Creator

Livermore, CA
Capturing still and moving images of the machines that drive us.

Cobra Experience


Martinez, CA
Museum and event space committed to cars produced by Shelby American.

Artdeshine Studios

Concord, CA
Bespoke automotive studio for detailing, nano graphene and ceramic coatings.

Griffin Motorwerke

Berkeley, CA
High-performance car repair, maintenance and service, and home of East Bay Formula 1 Group.

East Bay F1 Group

Join the East Bay Formula 1 Group at Griffin Motorwerke in Berkeley! Exciting Races! Great people! Great food and great times!

Wolfgang’s Foreign Car Service

Second generation, family owned, service and repair shop. Wolfgang opened in 1983 and has been in this location since 1986.

Moto Visions

Marketing Manager Parts Sales

A premier performance and customization shop specializing in resto-mods, race cars, including parts, to precision fabrication.

Become a Member

Celebrate what moves you. Gain exclusive access to events, merchandise and private storage by joining a new type of vehicle community for only $50 a year.

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