The BMW 02: Tiny But Mighty

If you’re new to the car world, hello. You’re just like me. If you’re even more like me you may not have ever given much thought to the cool old looking cars; you know, the classics. That is until you see one. Then, in my experience, you may start daydreaming about riding in it and […]

Ford Mustangs Day Dreams

We thought we were in a dream when we saw these two beautiful Ford Mustangs owned by Chuck. Keep an eye out in this section for some amazing Mustang stories and more pictures. For now enjoy some of the photos and videos. Maybe you’ll see these beauties at one of our cars and coffee events. […]

Lahaina Cars & Coffee Donation Fund

Le Pit Club and Perks Coffee are partnering to help Lahaina in Maui. Starting now through September 3rd, we’re united in drive raising funds to directly support Maui families navigate this difficult road. Here’s how you can join us: Le Pit Club & The GAP Inc. will also match up to $6000, and will continue to […]

C’etait un Rendezvous

Introduction Paris 1976, 5:30am, 0 cuts, 0 special effects, just 1 captivating shot fueled by 8 minutes of raw driving and mystery. Speeding through 18 red lights, careening around corners, and avoiding hurdles such as pedestrians, buses and birds is definitely grounds for getting into some trouble, which is probably why producer Claude Lelouch had […]

Gonzalo Gonchi Rodríguez

Sunday, September 11, was the 23rd anniversary of Uruguayan racing driver Gonzalo “Gonchi” Rodríguez’s death. His loss was a big shock for the sports sphere. From the beginning, Gonzalo’s life was shaped by automobiles when he enthusiastically joyrode his buggy as an infant in his backyard. He rode his first motorcycle at 7, learned how […]

The Little Engine Heard Around The World

The Vespa.  A timeless, charming, and innovative machine that has been cemented into our lives.  Whether that’s been from seeing them around town or in memorable movie scenes, experiencing their adventure first-hand or hearing about them from a friend, there is no escaping the grasp this unique vehicle has on society.  What makes this little […]

United In Drive to Give “Good” the Driver’s Seat

Most automotive enthusiasts know that an interest in cars is about more than driving. It’s about community. While we usually come together to appreciate the nuances in each other’s builds — the decisions each person makes to reflect who they are to the world as they drive down the road — our recent focus has […]

The Upside of Obsession

“Love isn’t supposed to look like the movies.” We’ve all heard that stock advice from guardians in our lives. But what if love does look like the movies? It just doesn’t follow the plot? Susan and Joey drive a couple famous — and infamous — builds that have graced the screen in Steve McQueen’s 1968 […]

Accidental Upgrade

For most people, car accidents are unimaginable catastrophes. For Sean, it was a new chance to grab his dream build. Years ago, while he was on vacation, Sean’s mother was driving his old Scion TC and was t-boned by another driver. Luckily, she was shaken, but unharmed.  The TC, however, was totaled.  Growing up with […]

Just Beautiful

What else can one say to this work of art other than “Just Beautiful”.  Roger clearly put his love, sweat and tears into this 1973 BMW E9 3.0CS restoration and it shows.   Yes, the same Roger with the orange smart car. Is it any wonder anyone who sees this car, will immediately have a […]

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